dryer belt replacement

dryer belt replacement

Important Information

If the dryer produces a lot of noise when you turn it on or the drum won’t spin, replace the dryer belt.

Depending on the model, disassembling your dryer may be slightly different.

However, look for fasteners and screws around the seams where your dryer’s top and front panels join.

The replacement belt should be zigzagged around the two pulleys at the base of the machine.


Disconnecting the power cord is Step 0!

Step 1: Release the spring clips and raise the top.

The process of removing the top of a dryer nearly always entails depressing two spring clips in the dryer’s front and raising upward, regardless of the dryer’s brand or type. In some designs, such as the Maytag dryer visible in the bottom left image, you might also need to remove a few screws holding the top to a lint filter.



Step 2: Either take the top off or give it some support.

The top of many versions will contain control units connected via numerous wires. In order to avoid damaging or even shearing off wires, this sort of dryer requires that the top be supported vertically from above, as seen in the lower left photo! Other variants, such as the Kenmore model on the right, just require the removal of a ground wire before the top may be completely removed from two hinges.


Top Unhook Wires Secured


You can visually inspect the belt and check for lint buildup with the lid off. To prevent a fire hazard, you should remove the front and drum of the appliance if you notice lint buildup.


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