How to Make your dryer work better

How to Make your dryer work better


Have you ever finished drying a load of clothes only to find that they were still wet?

No one likes being in that situation.

Not only do you have to run the dryer again, but you also have to pay for the electricity or gas that it uses.

We want to help you save time and money, so in this article, we’ll tell you how to keep your dryer running well.

Tip 1: Put your clothes in order

Sorting your clothes by size can help your dryer work better.

Separate the smaller things, like underwear, from the bigger things, like towels and sheets.

Check the user guide that came with your dryer for instructions on how to set it up for the different types of clothes you’re drying.


Tip #2: Clean out your lint filter

Keeping your lint filter clean is one of the easiest and most important things you can do.

This lint filter gets all the air that goes through your dryer.

If it gets clogged, the appliance won’t work as well and it will take longer for the clothes to dry.

A clogged filter can also cause the dryer to get hotter, which could hurt your clothes and make the lint a fire risk.

If your filter is broken or gone (maybe it went with the missing socks? ), you should replace it because it is an important part of your dryer.

Tip #3: Keep your dryer vents clean.

Even if you clean the lint filter often, some stuff will still get into the vents.

You should check the vent at the back of your dryer every so often to see if there are any signs of buildup.

How you have your vents set up can also make a big difference.

Flexible plastic tubing is very common, but its ridges can catch lint and make it hard to move.

The plastic vents can also be very fragile and break easily if they are bent or cracked.

If the tubing is bent, it can block the flow of air, which makes your dryer less effective.

We’d suggest making your vents out of something other than plastic.

Tip #4: Keep the vent caps in place.

Next, we’ll go outside to check out the vent cap on the outside of your house.

Usually, there are two kinds: a single flap and multiple flaps, also called louvered flaps.

You want to make sure that the flaps close when there is no airflow and open fully and freely when your dryer is running.

If there is lint in the vent, it needs to be cleaned out so that it can work properly.

you can clean out your dryer vent system completely.

If you put a screen or rodent guard over the vent cap, it can get clogged with lint and dust, which makes it hard for air to get in and out.


Tip #5: Check the door gasket

When your dryer door is closed, the gasket makes a tight seal so that the hot air stays inside and the room-temperature air stays outside.

If there are tears or missing pieces in the door gasket, the seal is broken and the gasket should be replaced.

If hot air gets out or cool air gets sucked in, your dryer won’t work as well, and it may take longer or work harder to dry your clothes.


Tip #6: Take care of heating elements

The inlet duct assembly is found inside the drum of your dryer.

The surface can get very hot, and if certain types of fabric touch it, they will melt. If something has melted onto the duct, it can make the surface rough, which can hurt your clothes even more.

After the dryer has cooled down, check this part and clean it if it needs to be.